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ImmagineGagliano Castelferrato originally Galaria, was founded in 1900 and was already inhabited in prehistoric times. It's a place highly recommended to those who want to discover the less touristy but no less fascinating face of Sicily, especially for castles and good food lovers.
It is characterized by its fortress, of barbarian origin, with its many caves once inhabited by the monks of Agira, founded by St. Philip's who left inside the castle numerous signs of their presence. The castle of Gagliano Castelferrato is fascinating due to its unusual shape . Around it are intertwined history and legend. Quoted by Cicero during his trip to Sicily, the castle resisted the assaults of the Arabs. Indeed, it was well defended by strong walls, towers carved into the rock, ditches and tanks. Inside has a number of spaces and rooms carved with a unique architecture in the rocky soil, with ventilation channels and lighting. Even the furniture was cut into the rock.
Gagliano Castelferrato is one of those places that deserves more appreciation but, remains isolated from the heavy flow of tourism. As many beautiful towns of the Sicilian countryside it still retain its authenticity and the true essence of a rural and unspoilt Sicily that seems to sleep quietly.
Talking about good food do not miss the prickly pear mostarda, the typical food of the people Gagliano.